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Das Jahr hätte nicht aufregender starten können. Mit unserer YSL-Family flogen wir in die Stadt, in die wir uns erst kürzlich so verliebt haben: Los Angeles! Wir hätten nicht gedacht, so schnell wieder zurück zu sein. Im Mittelpunkt des Ausflugs stand die neue Markenbotschafterin von Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Staz Lindes, die in L.A. aufgewachsen ist. Wir hatten die Chance die Sängerin slash Model und echtes LA-Girl zu treffen und ihr ein paar Fragen zu stellen. Ansonsten standen noch viele weitere coole Aktivitäten auf dem Programm, so wie es sich für YSL gehört. Heute teilen wir mit euch ein paar Eindrücke des ersten (Programm-)Tags! 

in these photosForever Youth Liberator Water-In-OilYves Saint Laurent. Instant Moisture GlowYves Saint Laurent. Metallic bikerjacket – Zara (similar).

wearingBlue shirt – Zara. Denim mom jeansMonki.

in this photo„Barcelona“ bagLoewe (similar). „Marta“ sunglasses“Céline. Touche Éclat Star Edition – Yves Saint Laurent. Full Metal Eyeshadow in „Onde Sable“Yves Saint Laurent. Forever Youth Liberator Water-In-OilYves Saint Laurent. Earrings – Zara.

DRIVING around LOS ANGELES in style with vintage CADILLACS.

paired my mules with fishnet socksto give them a whole new look.

new YSL products coming out soon: BLUSH and EYESHADOW PALETTE

at Art Share GallerySpraying our picture on the streets of L.A.

Interview with YSL Ambassador
Staz Lindes

teetharejade: You wear lipstick since you were very young. How come? When was the first moment you discovered lipstick?
Staz: I think it was when I was going through my mom’s things – playing dress up – because you know, you always want to be older when you’re a kid. And I just really liked lipstick. Back then everything else was kinda silly – putting blush on, mascara and stuff. But the lipstick was something I really liked.

teetharejade: You once said in an interview „every woman should accentuate whatever part of her body makes her feel sexy“ – so what makes you feel the most sexy?
Staz: I think lipstick. For me it’s the best accessory.

teethareade: How do you get dressed in the morning? Do you just throw something on or do you put more thought into it?
Staz: It’s funny because I had someone over recently, like a stylist, and she looked in my closet and she was like: „How do you dress yourself?!“ Because I have so many clothes. Sometimes I think about it the night before and I’m like: „oh yeah I remember I have this thing. I should wear that tomorrow because I haven’t worn it in like a year“. Because I grew up here I thrifted my whole life. That’s why I have so much stuff. So no one sees me in the same thing. I wear something different every time. I dress however I feel like. I think I’m mostly more kinda retro. So I’m either doing a full look, like earrings and lipstick, putting my hair up and wearing a dress or I’m dressing boyish – like t-shirt, jeans and boots.

teetharejade: We love food. So please tell us what’s you absolute favourite spot to have brunch or dinner in LA!
Staz: I love Little Tokyo. There’s really good ramen and Japanese food. I think the Asian food here is the best. There’s also Thai Town, there’s amazing Vietnamese food. In Highland Park they just recently opened a ton of really amazing restaurants. There’s a place called Kitchen Mouse. Really packed, really popular, but really healthy. I’m also pescatarian, so for L.A. I would recommend more like a hamburger place but I don’t eat it.

teetharejade: You grew up in London but moved to L.A. when you were 5. Ever thought of moving back to London?
Staz: I love London and I love visiting it. I spend a month at a time every year but I don’t think I want to live there even though I have a great time there. But I think it’s hard to live anywhere else when you grew up here [in LA] because it’s so nice. Traveling is great but when you come home it just feels the best.

teetharejade: Last but not least: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Staz: The Raincoats do a really good cover of „Lola“ (The Kings) – that song is really good.

having lunchat Penny Ante Provisions.

getting inkedat The Order DTLA Tattoo Parlour. Lots of the girls and the team, us included ;)

in this photoTouche Éclat Star EditionYves Saint Laurent. Full Metal Eyeshadow in „Onde Sable“Yves Saint LaurentRouge Volupté ShineYves Saint Laurent. Earrings – H&M. Smiley necklaceEdited the Label x MALAIKARAISS. Mesh ringJasmina Jovy.

Time for dinner and party at
The United Artists Theater

In Zusammenarbeit mit Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.